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Batwing Paddle Tine for John Deere

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Replaced Brand: John Deere

Keep more bushels in your machine with the new bat wing Snap-On Quick Finger replacement snap on tine for John Deere Headers.

Fits John Deere Models 625D, 630D, 630FD, 635D, 635FD, 640D, 640FD, 645FD, 725D, 730D, 730FD, 735D, 735FD, 740D, 740FD, 745FD. Serial # 785,001 & Above.

This 5.5" wide 4 tooth replacement tine is designed to go over JD part # HXE96538, KXE10423. Its unique 5 finger design aids in feeding short or specialty crops more consistently and evenly. Designed for use in soybeans, wheat, canola, chickpeas, lupins, and flax. Our quick attach design easily slips over the existing finger quickly and securely allowing you to save time and money when it matters most.

Slips over and clips on the existing OEM Reel Tyne (Oz Agro Parts# OZKXE10423)
Unique design attaches directly over existing mounted finger.
No tools needed for installation.
Designed to fit over John Deere part #HXE96538
Strong, heavy-duty construction
Has a unique, more aggressive “5 finger” design to help feed short or specialty crops
Rounded inner radius will aid in unwanted debris build-up.

Check out the video below:


Front Length Reccomended Quantity (Every Third tine)
30 Foot 120
35 Foot 140
40 Foot 160
45 Foot 180

Cross Reference: duckfoot, duck foot, duck feet, duckfeet

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