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Radiator Genie Wand Set

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Radiator Genie Wand Set works on tractor, cars, trucks, rv's, anything with a dirty radiator. Also works great to clean dirty a/c units, refrigerators, freezers, and much much more! Attach the air wand to your air compressor to pre-clean then attach the water wand to any standard garden hose to flush out remaining dirt and debris. Designed to fit into tight places.

  • Includes (1) air and (1) water wand.
  • Adjustable pressure for blowing and washing out debris from any tractor radiator.
  • Specially designed fan head increases working width/pressure and the narrow tubing allows access to confined areas.
  • Bend of the fan head enables access through the cowl and between the fan blades to blow directly through the radiator fins.
  • Length works well even on 4-wheel drives.
  • Nozzle Length is 17 inch
  • Overall Length is 22.5 inch
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