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C - John Deere Draper Fronts 900 and 600 Series, Claas

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Replaced Brand: John Deere, Claas
Light Crop Finger to fit John Deere Draper Fronts – 900 and 600 Series. 3 per foot required

Also fits Claas Knife Guard 0519.600.0 0519.601. 4 per foot required

Clips & Bolt/Nuts required as -

JD 936D - 72 qty
JD 640D - 80 qty

Bolt is 3/8" x 1-1/4" with Flange nut 3/8"

One Clip with Bolt & Nut required for 2 of these light crop fingers. Rest of the bolts and nuts can be the existing knife guard bolts.

Cross Reference: PEF040C, PEF-040-C, PEF040-C, EXC, PL003, PL010, KS054, KS052
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